How to Create a Prefilled Submission Link with FillFaster and

Introducing integration

Here is a quick guide on how to create a prefilled submission link with customer details directly from your CRM software using FillFaster’s app.

1. Create a form using FillFaster’s form builder. You can access it from the Dashboard by clicking on “Create New Form” or use this link.
For tips and tricks about our builder, check out this page.

2. Upload your document and place the fields on top of it. Give each field a name.

create form in builder

3. If you are new to FillFaster, install our app from here.

4. Get your token from here and insert it into FillFaster’s connection to use the modules.

create fillfaster connection

5. In your make scenario, fetch the user data from your CRM. We use Fireberry by Powerlink in this example, but you can use any service you have in Make.

fireberry get contact

6. Add FillFaster “Create Submission” module and select the right form from the list.

make choose form

7. Map the data you have to the right fields under “Prefilled Data”. These fields come directly from your form.

make map prefill data

8. Optionally, include some private addressee data under “User Data (internal)”. This data is not visible or editable in the form. It will be attached to the webhook after successful sign so you can identify the addressee and match it in your records (and upload the PDF + update its data back to your CRM – see our guide here).

make map user internal data

9. A successful response from “Create Submission” module will include a “Submission Link” that you can send to the addressee via WhatsApp / SMS / Email etc..

make create submission get link
make send submission link to whatsapp

When the addressee opens the link, all the data will be prefilled.

prefilled form

We hope this helps! Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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