Get Started with FillFaster’s App

Blog integration with FillFaster

Setting up FillFaster within is quick and easy

Let’s start!

Install the app.

Click here to install the FillFaster app in your account or click the button below.

Add to
Get signed documents into your monday board

Click “Install.”

install fillfaster app

Navigate to your dashboard and click “Automate.”

monday 2 click automate

Search for the app by typing “FillFaster” on the templates search box.

Click on the FillFaster app.

monday 3 choose fillfaster

Click “Use template.”

monday 4 click use template

Allow to get your FillFaster API Key.

You will be redirected to FillFaster’s website to allow connect with your FillFaster account.

If you’re not logged in to FillFaster, please login at that screen.

A confirmation page will show. Click “Allow.”

monday 5 allow integration

When confirming, you’ll be redirected back to to set up the recipe.

Set up a recipe.

Fill out all the fields in the recipe to make sure it works as expected.

You will have to choose a template form from your FillFaster account, so make sure you have one in advance.

If you don’t have one yet, here is a guide on How to Create Your First Form with FillFaster.

Click on “status” and choose the status you want to trigger the link creation.

monday 6
monday 19

Click “something.”

monday 20

Choose any status you like to trigger. For example, “create a submission.”

monday 22

Click “FillFaster’s Form” to show all the list of all of your forms.

monday 23

Choose the form template you want to use.

monday 25

Click “Form’s Fields” and a screen will open to map your form’s fields to you item data.

  • Currently, the app supports mapping any ‘text’ fields.
monday 29
monday 31

When you finish mapping, click “Done.”

monday 34

Click “Submission Link Column.” Here, the new link will be placed when created.

monday 35

Choose the column you want to place the new link in.

monday 38

Click “Status”, this can be the same column as you choose before.

monday 41

Click “Status Value” to set the new value.

monday 44

Great! All set up. Click “Add To Board.”

monday 46

You’ll see your new automation ready. Close the automation screen to go back to the dashboard.

monday 49

Run a test.

Fill out some data on the item and change the status to your trigger status.

monday 50

A new submission link will be created and placed in the submission link column. You can then share the link with your recipient by copying it or creating another automation. The status will also be updated.

monday 52

Done! from now on you can create and share submission links in one click within your board.

Time to get some signatures quickly 🚀

FillFaster’s PDF Generator

Connecting Another FillFaster Account to Your Account

If you wish to link another FillFaster account to your account, follow these steps:

We will uninstall and reinstall FillFaster’s app.

Go to your board.
Click the apps puzzle icon


Click “Installed apps”


Select FillFaster app


Click for more options here


Click “Uninstall app”


Accept the action by clicking “Uninstall”


Your FillFaster app connection has been successfully deleted. Now, you can reinstall the app and connect another FillFaster account.

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