How to Create Your First Form with FillFaster?


FillFaster lets you create online forms from PDF documents and collect data from your users/clients. Follow these steps to create your first form:

Step 1: Prepare your PDF document

Make sure your PDF document has blank spaces for the data you want to collect. Delete any data that will be filled by you or by the user. For example, if you want the user’s name, email, and signature, your PDF document might look like this:

1. empty document

Step 2: Create a new form

Go to your dashboard here and click “Create New Form”. Click “Choose form PDF file” on the left and select your PDF document. Enter a name for your form, like “Registration Form”. This will be the title for your users. 

You can also set other options for your form, such as uploading your logo, enabling preview, setting a different email to receive the submissions, and more. You can do this now or later by clicking “Edit Form” from the dashboard.

When you are done, click on “Start Building” on the left  to open the drag-and-drop builder.

2. Form Settings screen

Step 3: Add your document fields

To add a new field, click “Add new field”. A blue box will appear on the document. Move the blue box to the right place where you want to collect data from your user. For example, if you want to collect the user’s name, move the blue box to where it says “Name”.

Next, choose the input type for your field. This will determine how the field will behave and what kind of data it will accept. For example, if you want to collect the user’s name, choose “Full Name” as the input type. Some useful input types are:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Signature
  • Date
  • File
  • Options Select
  • Checkbox
  • And more

Finally, enter a field name for your field. This is the label that will be shown to your user when they fill out the form. Make sure it is clear and informative.

3. add new field

Repeat these steps for each field you want to add to your document.

Step 4: Add helper components (Optional)

Add helper components to make your online form look better and more informative. These are fields that are only visible on the form and not on the document. You can choose between:

  • Title: A large text that can be used as a heading or a section divider.
  • Text: A small text that can be used as a description or an instruction.
  • Divider: A horizontal line that can be used to separate different parts of the form.

To add a helper component, click “Add new field” and choose one of these options from the input type menu (at the bottom). Then enter a field name which is also the text for your component.. Change the order of the fields on the right-side panel.

4. helper components flow

Step 5: Set non-editable fields (Optional)

Check “Non-editable field” on the field’s settings if you want to set some fixed values for each submission, such as amounts, prices, dates, etc. You can also use our API to set these values before sending a new submission.

5. non editable fields

Step 6: Create and get link

When you finish mapping all the fields, click “Create and get Link”. You will get a link for your online form that you can share with your users. You can either send this link directly or “Create a submission” to add the user’s data and get a one-time link with prefilled data.

Step 7: Receive and view submissions

After your user fills out and submits the form, you will directly receive an email with the signed PDF and all the data as text. The email will be sent to the address you registered with or the one you set in the form settings.

You can also view all your submissions on your dashboard by clicking “View Submissions”. You can download the PDFs, see when is was opened etc .

You can use our API and integrations to automate your workflows. 


That’s it! You have created your first online form with FillFaster. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us

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